Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our little punk...

Kaylee loves to sip water and "spit it out," especially since she saw Madagascar. We've been trying to teach her that it is only allowed when she's outside or in the bath tub. Well last week she also discovered how to gurgle water. Today we have been at my parents house and she was gurgling water for us. Then she decided that she wanted to spit it out. I caught her just as she was going to do it, so she decided to gurgle again. A little later I stopped paying attention to what she was doing, until I realized that she was taking a drink of water and then running down the hallway. I tried following her the next time. When she realized I was behind her she said (while trying to keep the water in her mouth) "No, Mommy! Go away, Mommy." I slipped back around the corner, and when she decided that she was safe she tilted her head back and sprayed water all over. When I peeked back around the corner she just laughed and said, "A spit it out!"

I'm sure I will have a ton more stories like this to come. She's such a's a good thing she's so cute too!


  1. Hee hee! Don't let her gurgle any grape juice! :)

  2. Pretty smart girl. If you won't let her do it in front of you, then she'll find somewhere else. Very sneaky!!