Thursday, December 18, 2008

What the...? How did that happen?

Jared got Kaylee up from a nap to find her diaper like this:

We don't know how she did it.


  1. That is one talented little girl!! Be glad it was just a pee diaper, could you imagine the other? I had a friend who said her baby was taking a nap, she went to go get her out, and found poo everywhere, the bed, the wall her face and even around her mouth. Hopefully she got the nutrients that she was looking for.

    Is she close to potty training? That would be awesome for you. Well good luck with that, I pray that you don't wake up with poop everywhere. That would be bad!!

  2. I'm with Melanie, you're lucky that a funny diaper was all you found - can you imagine!! So funny though. Things kids come up with are amazing! You'll have to make sure you always put her down with pants that are hard to take off, or a onesize (spelling?).