Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quick update on the Hains'...

Jared just took a new job with the EP group in the Utah Heart Clinic. There are 5 cardioloists and Jared is now the 5th PA. He is super busy and loving it!

I am loving mommyhood in the summertime! We have spent many hours in the swimming pool here at our apartment complex--both of our girls are little fish! I just picked up road biking with my friend rochelle and I love it!

Kaylee is taking swim lessons and is doing really well. It's so fun to see her cute little head bobbing up and down in the pool with the other little girls! She is potty trained now and she puts herself to sleep at night; jared and I feel so spoiled!! She says the funniest things...I really need to start putting them up on the blog.

Ellie is still the sweetest, easiest baby on the planet. She is crawling a little bit, and she wants to get her hands on everything she can. She waves a lot and smiles and talks to everyone. Between both of our social girls we have the noisy bench at church--I always try to sit in the back so there are less people looking at us from behind to tempt them. Ellie also says yi-yi when I try to get her to say bye-bye!

I have lots of pictures to put up, so keep posted!!


  1. Hey Steph! I just found your blog! We need to play again! I miss all of our roomies and it was a blast to get together!